Japanese Air Wave, Digital Perm, and Hair Straightening Treatment on Damaged Strands

How your strands are taken care of during your Japanese hair straightening, air wave, or digital perm session depends on their damage level.

Styling your locks every day using heating tools such as straighteners, curling tongs, or blow dryers can cause enough damage that prevents them from looking their best. Heat is not the only cause of damage. Swimming regularly and excessively colouring/dyeing can also be harmful to your gorgeous tresses.

It’s important to remember that the more damaged your locks are, the more you are required to use weaker solutions during the appointment. This is to prevent excess damage to your locks so that you can feel like your most gorgeous self from head to toe.

The results could also alter depending on your damage level and your previous salon history. If it is very damaged, we may need to cut the length to do the procedure. Our team of stylists are more than happy to discuss with you what is the best course of action before starting the session. We can assure you that you’ll be treated like the goddess that you are every time you walk through our doors.

We know first and foremost how essential it is to have a good head on your shoulders. At our salon, we offer luxurious Japanese air waves, hair straightening treatments, and digital perms in Sydney that’ll leave your locks full of shine and bounce for days on end. No matter your story, we’ll find the perfect remedy to give you the stunning tresses you truly deserve.

Japanese Air Wave

Our Japanese air wave In Sydney is designed to curl your locks without damage. What makes this procedure stand out from other forms of curling is the machine uses circulated air at a low temperature to gently create curls. Because it doesn’t use heat, this keeps the strands healthy and strong, providing you with natural-looking and soft curls.

This state-of-the-art technology works to steadily transform your strand into a new shape preventing the bonds from breaking. This is the perfect alternative solution for those looking to achieve bouncy and wavy tresses without them looking fried.
If you would like to do a session, get in touch with us and we’ll discuss your history and current situation to ensure the best course of action during the appointment.

Japanese Hair Straightening

Are you tired of getting up at early dusk just to flat iron your wavy strands time and time again? Our hair straightening treatment will leave your locks looking lush for months. Using the Shishedo method, we provide a safe alternative to keratin procedures which are known to cause damage to your strands.

Depending on the damage level, we accommodate the session to guarantee that your tresses leave the salon in the best condition possible. As we’ve mentioned, if your locks are extremely damaged we will have to cut the length to keep your strands healthy and strong.

Digital Perm

In comparison to the traditional curling method, our digital perm in Sydney works to give your tresses bouncy curls using heat. If your locks are damaged, this requires us to tailor the procedure to ensure your locks remain shiny and luscious. We may have to cut back the length or get you to consider our Japanese air wave procedure to securely and gently curl your locks.

Generally, it is possible to do the procedure on coloured strands. This is unless your locks are damaged from excessive colouring to using bleaches or high lift colours in the past. If your tresses are too limp from such situations, it may be better to avoid doing a session as your locks may not respond well to the procedure.

Give Your Locks The Love It Deserves

At our salon, we are intent on making you feel like the goddess you are every time you sit for an appointment. Whether you’d like to transform your tresses into silky straight locks or larger-than-life curly strands, we can make all your dreams possible. We have the best and brightest stylists who make it their focus to give you the perfect tresses to flaunt your look in.

If you would like to check if your locks are suitable for our curling or flat-ironing procedures, please feel free to book a consultation with us so we can assess the state of your current situation. Simply get in touch with us over the phone or through our website to start your journey into true self-care.