Air Wave / Digital Perm and Hair Straightening on damaged hair

Perming or Straightening on damaged hair (due to using heating appliances such as straightening irons or curling tongs or from swimming on a frequent basis)

Whether you can do a perm/straightening on your hair depends on the damage level. Styling your hair every day using heating tools such as straighteners, curling tongs, or blow dryers can cause enough damage to the hair which can prevent the hair from having optimal results. Even swimming on a regular basis can dry out the hair. It is important to know that the more damaged your hair is, we need to use weaker solutions on your hair to limit potential excess damage and that the results could also alter depending on your damage level and your hair history. If it is very damaged, we may need to cut some of the hair in order to do the procedure. Please consult your stylist to discuss further whether it is suitable for your hair.

Perming or Straightening on Coloured hair

Generally it is possible to do perms and straightening on coloured hair, unless your hair is damaged from excessive colouring or from using bleaches or high lift colours. If your hair is too limp from such situations, it may be better to avoid doing it as the results will not be too great. If you would like to check if your hair is suitable for perming or straightening, visiting us for a consultation would help so we can assess the state of your current hair.