Beyond Red: Exploring a Spectrum of Shades with Henna Colour

You may have seen some people with red/orange coloured hair mixed in with their natural hair colour.

This is probably as a result of a home dye job when people decide to colour their greys with natural henna powder.

Let’s explore the spectrum of shades henna hair dye can provide below.

Why Henna Hair Dye Turns Your Greys to Reds

The reason for this is because henna, which are the leaves of the plant called Lawsonia Inermis, has a naturally red/orange colour to it.

Since it is a plant with natural dye properties, it cannot make the hair lighter than your existing hair colour, but it “stains” the hair which helps us to add colour to our hair.

Henna is commonly used for people who want to colour their greys or for people who want to add a different shade to their existing colour.

It can be used as a treatment that can add body and shine which can enhance any hair but in particular is a lifesaver for those with fine and sparse hair.

Since chemical colours have the power to lift the base colour to lighten shades, it is possible to achieve many different lightness and shades with chemical dyes.

Unfortunately, this is not the case with henna dyes.

Since it is a plant dye, it cannot lighten the hair into a lighter colour than the existing level of lightness.

Benefits of Henna Hair Dye

However, what we want to focus on here is the amazing benefits of henna hair colour:

  • Henna hair colour allows us to colour our hair without using chemicals, giving us the possibility to colour our grey hairs.
  • It gently stains the greys and will help to blend the appearance of our greys, making us look more youthful with the added pop of colour.
  • If your natural hair is originally a medium to light colour already, henna hair colour can be used like a toner to change the shade into other colours ranging from orange, red, burgundy, mahogany brown, chocolate brown, dark brown, to name a few.

Above and Beyond the Red Shade

These days, henna doesn’t have to be an orange or red colour as it would have traditionally looked like. Some people may have uncles and aunties who do their own henna dyes at home and have patchy orange hair.

We can now use other plants such as Indigofera Tinctoria, which is now classified in the same group as henna, mixed with natural henna to create different shades of colours other than red or orange.

Whilst orange can definitely be a nice colour for some people, not all of us wants to have our greys looking orange.

A vibrant red can be very appealing for some, and others may want a more subtle colour such as a mahogany brown or dark chocolate brown.

We can achieve different shades of brown on top of its original red/orange colour by mixing the natural henna powder with different ratios of the Indigo powder.

When henna is used for the purpose of grey hair coverage, the colour is visible mainly on the grey hairs only. Just as you cannot see colours of the paint on a black canvas, you cannot see the colours of henna on black hair.

Whereas you can see any colour of paint on a white canvas. This can result in a natural highlight effect. The result can depend on your natural colour and the amount of greys you have as well as the distribution of the greys in proportion to the rest of the hair.

Brightening Your Hair at Different Tones

Henna can also be used to tone the hair. If you have a warm coloured hair and looking to change it to a cooler shade of brown, this is also possible to achieve with henna.

This is a great natural option to have since you won’t have to use chemical dyes to freshen up your colour or change the tone, meaning we can avoid any unnecessary damage to the hair.

There is also a variant of Henna powder which is colourless, which can solely be used as a treatment or used in conjunction with other colour variants to create the necessary tone of colour required.

Although there are limitations on colour options compared with chemical dyes, it is definitely a great option if you want to keep your hair and scalp healthy, with a strong and shiny appearance. Because we all know that repeated chemical exposure to our hair can result in a limp and dull appearance.

Whilst henna can help add body to fine and limp hair, it can suit all hair types with the added benefit of scalp cleansing and anti-dandruff properties.

Every Strand of Hair is Unique with Henna

Since every set of hair is different, the ratio of the henna mix required can differ on each individual and may also require a varying amount of processing time to allow the henna colour to stain the hair sufficiently.

The time required for the henna to be left on the hair will also vary greatly depending on the colour you are trying to achieve. For example, orange and red tones stain easily whilst other colours may require a longer time.

Things to Consider

Henna hair colour has existed for centuries and is an amazing natural dye, but precautions must be taken before deciding to go ahead with it.

Some people try doing henna at home and is left with unwanted colours which in some cases may not be possible to be fixed. This is why it is so important to get expert advice on henna hair colour if you are thinking of trying it.

Henna: Your Gateway to Naturally Vibrant Hair

Henna offers a world beyond the traditional red, opening up a palette of natural shades from fiery oranges to deep browns.

This ancient, plant-based dye not only transforms the colour of your hair but also imparts numerous benefits. It enhances hair strength, adds lustre, and offers a healthier alternative to chemical dyes.

At Planet Hair, we specialise in unlocking henna’s full potential. Our experts tailor the henna mix to suit your unique hair type and desired shade, ensuring you get the perfect colour and treatment.

With our professional guidance, you can explore the rich spectrum of colours that henna provides, all while maintaining the health and vitality of your hair. Whether you’re looking to cover greys, add a pop of colour, or simply nourish your hair, we’re here to help.

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