Nail Project 365

Professional Eyelash Extensions & Nails

Located inside the Planet Hair Salon

Phone: 0478 716 412
Facebook: @nailproject365salon
Instagram: NailProject365

Professional Eyelash Extensions

Classic Lashes (Mink)

Natural (40 lashes per eye)40 min$80
Classic (50 lashes per eye)50 min$100
Elegant (60 lashes per eye)1 hour$120
Glamorous (70 lashes per eye)1 hour 15 min$140
Signature (80 lashes per eye) *Most popular1 hour 20 min$150
Bridal (cover all lashes)1 hour 45 min$180
Eyelash removal10 min+from $20

Volume Lashes

Natural 2D-4D (50 fans per eye)1 hour 15 min$140
Glamorous 2D-4D (70 fans per eye)1 hour 45 min$180
Signature 2D-4D (90 fans per eye)2 hours 15 min$230

Eyelash Infills

Classic 2 week infills45 min$65
Classic 3 week infills1 hour$80
Classic 4 week infills1 hour 10 min$100
Volume 2 week infills1 hour$90
Volume 3 week infills1 hour 30 min$130

Lash Lift / Lash Shampoo

Lash Lift1 hour$70
Eye Shampoo (Deep Cleansing)5 min$7

Professional Nails

Nail Art

French/Glitters10 min$10
Ombre15 min$20
Chrome10 min$20
Nail Art Set15 minvaries

Shellac (up to 2 weeks)

Shellac Nail Repair (each)10 min$5
Shellac Manicure35 min$45
Shellac Manicure with Removal45 min$50
Shellac Pedicure35 min$60
Shellac Pedicure with Removal45 min$65

Japanese Premium Gel (up to 3 weeks)

Japanese Repair10 min$6
Japanese Gel Manicure45 min$60
Japanese Gel Manicure with Removal45 min$70
Japanese Gel Pedicure50 min$65
Japanese Gel Pedicure with Removal1 hour$75

Other Services

Heel Scrub10 min$15
Massage & Mask25 min$30
Phone: 0478 716 412
Facebook: @nailproject365salon
Instagram: NailProject365