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Dry haircut salon sydney

Dry Cut

Dry cut is a technique performed on completely dry hair that enables the stylist to look at the hair sits naturally. By cutting the hair in a dry condition opposed to wet, the stylist can assess its shape, movement, texture and volume easily.

It’s also easy for you to imagine your finished look. This is because when hair is wet it becomes elastic and does not sit the same way after you go back home to try and recreate the style. The hair cut last longer because it causes less damage and keeps your hair looking better for longer.

henna hair salon 

Henna Herbal Treatment

Henna (Herbal treatment) is a natural colorant and strengthener with no chemical. It will help strengthen and manage damaged hair and make your hair full, glossy and healthy. Henna covers your grey hair naturally and makes your hair strong and shiny. Colour comes in Clear, Red, Blue, Dark Brown, Burgundy and Black.

japanese air wave sydney

Japanese Air Wave

The Japanese air wave perm uses the power of air to control the temperature and moisture level of the hair to produce incredibly natural texture. It’s perfect for people with soft hair who doesn’t have much volume as it creates soft curls and make your hair fluffy.

liscio hair straightening

Shiseido Japanese Hair Straightening

Japanese hair straightening is the revolutionary technique of permanent hair straightening from Japan. This is a great option for people who are struggling with frizzy, curly and unmanageable hair.

After the hair straightening, you will be left with a very straight, smooth, silky and shiny hair that last permanently.

micro mist treatment hair salon

Micro Mist Hair Treatment

Micro mist is an advanced conditioning treatment machine which uses the power of water mist to infuse a conditioning treatment into the hair. It aids in helping the hair to absorb more treatment into the core resulting in a silky smooth hair that is deeply conditioned.

Micro Mist can provide a special hair treatment that cannot be replicated at home.

Digital perm sydney

Japanese Digital Perm

Unlike the traditional perm, Japanese digital perm uses the special heat system to create shape-memory curls. With digital perm, the wave is most prominent when the hair is dry and loose when it is wet. Japanese digital perm makes it easy to manage your hairstyle and lasts longer than normal perm.