Japanese Hair Straightening in Sydney

Planet Hair is proud to be leading the way for Japanese hair straightening in Sydney. Those with curly or wavy hair may be in search for a salon that offers Japanese hair straightening. Japanese straightening treatments have become widely popular as keratin treatments have been found to have negative side-effects.

liscio japanese hair straightening

This straightening system was created in Japan in 1996 by Yuko Yamashita (which is why many have dubbed the process Yuko hair straightening). This stylist and salon owner wanted her clients to be happy and have healthy locks, no matter their hair type.

This method is also known as Liscio hair straightening and works by applying a solution to the hair which changes the bonds in the strands that cause curls and waves. These bonds then become straight with the help of a hair iron. While Liscio Japanese hair straightening can take a few hours to complete the process, many still choose the treatment as it can last up to six months.

While there are benefits to be enjoyed from this process additionally known as Shiseido hair straightening, it is important to have this treatment done by a professional. Whenever there are chemicals involved it is crucial to be in the right hands in order to avoid any damage to the hair.

The Benefits?

liscio hair straightening

There are many benefits to be gained from this Japanese straightening treatment. This is proven by the thousands of salons all over the world who are using the Yuko hair straightening system.

Women all over the world are left with straight, shiny and healthy locks and leave plenty of positive reviews. Some of the following benefits can be experienced:

More time in the morning

Those with curvy or unruly hair know how much time it can take to tame their locks in the morning. It can be extremely frustrating to look professional, confident and in control when there are frizz, knots, and curls bouncing around everywhere.

More time can be saved in the morning by not having to use a hot iron or blow dryer every single day, and less time can be spent in the bathroom (which can be especially handy for someone who lives in a crowded house). For those wishing to save time when getting ready for the day, the Yuko hair straightening system may be just the thing they need.

More confidence

So many people are left feeling flat and defeating when they lose the battle with their curly mane. Those who opt for Japanese hair straightening in Sydney have reported more confidence and happiness in their day to day lives.

Going on a first date doesn’t have to be a nerve-wracking experience, as after receiving Liscio hair straightening is it much more likely for hair to co-operate. Clients can confidently attend job interviews, reunions and no longer have to run away every time the camera comes out.

You can go out in the rain

People with curly hair understand full-well the mayhem that can be caused when it rains. Many obsessively carry an umbrella with them just in case the weather changes. Furthermore, it is so easy for waves to turn into frizz as soon as it gets a little humid. Opting for Liscio hair straightening is the perfect way to feeling safe when stepping out of house, no matter the climate.

yuko hair straightening

Save money

Shiseido hair straightening means that less products have to be used when getting ready in the morning. Those with problematic hair know how pricey it can get when needing hairspray, mouse, clips, smoothing serums and much more, just to have the simplest of looks. A more cost-effective option is to choose a Japanese straightening treatment to reduce the number of products used.

The Process

It is imperative to seek out a professional when opting for Japanese hair straightening in Sydney. As chemicals are used, they need to be handled by someone who knows what they are doing.

Furthermore, it has to be first be established if the hair is strong enough to withstand the treatment. These are factors that are important to keep in mind when searching for Liscio Japanese hair straightening.

The process at Planet Hair usually consists on the following steps:

hair salon cdbAn assessment

Our Shiseido hair straightening salon will first organise an assessment. This way the hair can be checked, and it can be established if the strands have any previous colour or damage. The stylist can then best assess if the treatment can go ahead, or if some extra products can be used to reduce any damage.


Protecting products are applied to prevent any damage. Depending on the condition of the strands, the amount of product needed will vary.

japanese straightening treatmentApplication

The next step in Liscio Japanese hair straightening is the application. The chemicals are applied and left to process accordingly. This is the step that changes the bonds in the strands.


After a gentle dry, the hair is ironed with a professional salon tool on a specific setting. A neutraliser is then applied to the hair once the ironing process is done. This solidifies the whole process.


japanese hair straightening sydney

All that is left to do is to rinse, dry and style the hair accordingly. The client will get to have the first glimpse of their amazing new and straight hair. Our professional stylists will have the opportunity to recommend any products that can be used in-between treatment to ensure the hair stays strong, and to get the most out of the straightening.

At the end of the day, it is up to the individual if they decide to go for this type of treatment. As earlier discussed it is important to find a professional who has experience with this process. There are many benefits to be had from this program and many women have enjoyed regular treatments over the years.

It can be a cost-effective and time-efficient option to choose, and many increase the joy in their daily lives because of it. For first timers, it is wise to do a little research, and read testimonials before choosing a professional salon. On the other hand, sometimes the best thing to do is to simply try the treatment. This way the individual can decide if this method is right for them.

Our stylists take great pride in their Japanese hair straightening techniques. If you have any further questions about whether this treatment is suitable for you, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. We are more than happy to answer any questions you have and guide you through this process.


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