Japanese Air Wave Treatment in Sydney

Planet Hair is proud to be leading the way when it comes to Japanese air wave treatments in Sydney. While many love their luscious locks, there are so many people out there that feel their hairdo is a bit lacklustre. Not everybody has the ideal bounce, volume and waves that they deserve. Japanese air wave in Sydney is the perfect way to counteract hair that is dull, flat, lifeless or limp.

japanese air wave sydneyAir wave uses cutting-edge technology to regulate the temperature and moisture level in the strands to create a look that is lush, airy and adding volume to otherwise dull hair.

Japanese air wave in Sydney is also a less harsh alternative to traditional perm. By using this new cutting edge technology we are able to create waves without causing stress on your hair like you would with other types of perms. This is because the bonds are not broken to reform its new shape but are slowly shifted into its new shape.

This means the results will be softer and healthier waves without the extra damage you will get when you opt for alternatives. A Japanese air wave perm is the best choice for those who still want to perm but are concerned with damaging their hair.

This method uses the power of the air to create loose, lush curls that reappear every time the hair is dried. This is the perfect option for those who may have damaged locks and are unable to choose the digital perm method.

The only people that cannot use the air wave method are people that have had a permanent straightening treatment. Whatever the reason for wanting a more bouncy and luscious look, using our professional Japanese air wave perm salon may be the perfect way to achieve this.

What are the benefits?

japanese air wave perm hair salon

Less damage

Many people flock to this treatment as it is a less damaging way to curl. Many clients simply cannot opt for treatments that are heavy in heat and chemicals as their hair simply isn’t strong enough.

Some people complain about dryness and fizziness after a perm and this is avoided with the air wave method.

Individual style

The great thing about this method is that is can be tailored to the individual. Our professional stylist can tailor the experience based on your type, length and history of hair. Waves are curls that can be created looser or tighter depending on the individual’s choice. Having a unique style is one of the great benefits of choosing air wave.

Things To Prepare For

The noise of the machine

The professional machine can be quite noisy which does bother some people. It is important to be aware of this before treatment and to mentally prepare. If you are worried about the noise, please speak to our stylist to see if it is possible to bring ear plugs to the appointment.

The time spent in the chair

The process is time consuming, so it is important to allocate enough time for the appointment. Bring a book or a magazine to an appointment along with plenty of water and snacks. This way it is more likely to be a pleasant trip to the hairdressers rather than an uncomfortable one. Or you can always choose to pick from our drink selections such as water, tea, coffee or Japanese green tea.

Post treatment care

While many state that their locks feel just as good before the treatment, it is possible for the strands to dry out. It is important to chat to our stylist about post treatment care.

There may be treatments that can be used to get the look to last for longer and to reduce dryness. Not all products are suitable to use on a perm so researching what products are appropriate is crucial to caring for the new style.

How to know if you have found a great Japanese air wave perm hair salon?

When finding a salon that offers Japanese airwave in Sydney, it is important to find the best hairdressers possible. When it comes to using chemicals, solutions, heat or any technology is it important to leave it to the professionals.

There are a couple of key things to look out for to showcase the amazing services Planet Hair can offer all clients:

Good products used

It is important to establish what kind of products a store uses before making the first appointment. Some places choose low quality, low budget products that are actually not great for the hair. Chat to the salon personally to establish that the best quality products are used at all times. This will reduce the possibility of a bad hairdresser experience.

Experienced stylists

When it comes to state of the art methods such as air wave it is important to find stylists who have plenty of experience. Again, personally chatting to a salon about their training and experience is perfectly acceptable and a great way to get an idea of what the service is going to be like.

Great feedback

A great Japanese air wave perm hair salon will have plenty of positive feedback. Reading feedback is often the best way to establish if a professional salon has been found, and if a fantastic service is going to be offered.

Is air wave for me?

Deciding if air-wave is ideal requires some thought and research. Everyone knows their hair better than anyone else and has the final say in what they want to do with it. Chatting with an experienced stylist can be a great way to get an idea if air wave is suitable for them.

Reading about other people’s experience with this method is a great way to become more familiar with the treatment, as is looking at lots of pictures of before and after. There are many benefits to trying air wave and many leave the salon feeling more confident, sexy and beautiful. The best thing to do is to simply try the treatment first hand.

If you have any questions or comments about Japanese air wave treatments, please get in contact with one of our specialist stylists today. We are more than happy to answer your questions, or to even organise an appointment!


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