How Shiseido Hair Straightening Is Far Better Than The Other Beauty Brands

Shiseido hair straightening has become a staple regimen and treatment in the beauty industry. These products pose a variety of benefits such as their cost-effective prices, pristine quality, and showcase improved results. This brand goes beyond the extra mile from other beauty companies helping you have more luscious, manageable locks for days on end.

At our salon, we offer state-of-the-art Japanese stylist treatments right in the heart of the Sydney CBD. Using the finest brands and qualified hairdressers out there, we’re able to provide a service that’ll leave you not only with a new cut but create a relaxing experience for you.

For those who need a bit more persuading, we’re going to list out three reasons why our  Shiseido hair straightening treatment is far better than using the other beauty brands out there.

High-End Brand At Affordable Prices

Shiseido hair straightening is a highly coveted luxury brand, widely known for its popular Japanese make-up and skincare products. A big reason why salons purchase this brand is because of its competitive prices and premium quality results. Because of the effectiveness of the treatment, you can be sure that you won’t have to spend your entire wallet on haircare products. You can therefore relax knowing you’ve got the best treatment at hand with our Shiseido hair straightening services.

Effective Treatment From Start To Finish 

When it comes to managing your locks, it’s best to go to get assistance from professionals. At our salon, we begin the Shiseido hair straightening process by first performing an evaluation. During this assessment, our hairdressers take a close look at your strands to see if there are any signs of damage. This is to help determine what products are suitable to use on your locks during the treatment. Our stylists use protecting products that are designed to protect the strands from damage to ensure your tresses are properly taken care of. We have state-of-the-art Shiseido hair straightening tools to help smoothen your locks for days on end.
Proven Optimal End Results

Don’t believe Shiseido hair straightening can make a difference to your strands? There’s an endless list of evidence out there that is contradictory. We have dozens upon dozens of positive reviews from each of our clients to prove the powers of using this brand to style and treat your locks. For ultimate goddess tresses, you can book a session with us for the ultimate pampering beauty treatment.


At Planet Hair, we offer luxury treatments that guarantee you’ll have a good head on your shoulders. Unlike other salons, we provide Japanese haircare treatments using tried-and-true proven methods. In addition to our Shiseido hair straightening services, we also offer perming, henna dye, and much more. With our team of accommodating and experienced hairdressers, you are in for a treat at our salon. If you’re looking to book a Shiseido hair straightening appointment with us, feel free to speak to our staff today!