Professional Dry Cut Hair Salon in Sydney

Planet Hair offers professional dry cuts for all clients in Sydney. Many believe that the only way they can get their hair cut is when it is wet. Not only is this not the case, but dry haircuts are even preferred by many.

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While some enjoy the typical hairdresser’s experience of sitting in the chair for long periods of time and reading a magazine, others dread going due to the time spent there, the small talk made, the bright lights and fear of having too much taken off.

There are many reasons people prefer the dry method. For those on a busy schedule, finding a dry haircut salon in Sydney can save precious time. Instead of putting aside a whole afternoon to attend a salon, it is possible to opt for a dry cut and eliminate the time spent on washing and drying hair.

A lot of people think they need to shampoo their hair before getting it cut but this is not always the case. If your hair was tied up or bedraggled you may need to shampoo it so we can observe how your curls sit naturally.

People that have more curls and waves know that their locks look very different when they are wet compared to when they are dry. Choosing a dry haircut in Sydney CBD instead can help them see how their cut is going to look in real life.

Some with thin hair even state that regularly attending a dry haircut salon in Sydney prevents breakage compared to wet cuts. Whatever type of hair you have, and with whatever style, there are many benefits to choosing a dry haircut in Sydney CBD.

What are the benefits?

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More texture and shape

A dry cut means that the client’s hair will end up having more texture and shape. When the hair is wet the strands are bouncy and extend further than they normally would. This makes the hair harder to style because of the elasticity caused by the wetness. When dry, it can be curved, blended and given more texture and shape.

It can be seen how much hair stylists enjoy choosing the dry method as they can see their work of art taking place right in front of them. When going wet, the hair will need to be dried to before we can see what the end result is.

It is great for nervous clients

For those are terrified that a stylist will take too much off, this is a perfect option. As everything is happening in real time, a client can clearly see how much is getting cut off. This can give them the benefit of peace of mind, and leaving the salon with good feelings rather than feeling disappointed that too much has been taken off.

Colour can be clearly seen

For clients with balayage and duo colours, getting a wet trim can be slightly tricky. It is important to not take off too much of one colour, so the different tones can still be seen. When hair is wet, it can be harder to see where the colours lay compared to when it is dry. Another benefit to choosing dry is that it can be clearly seen where all colours lay.

Damage can clearly be seen

It is harder to see split ends and how dry someone’s locks are when they are damp. A great way to access how much needs to come off is by going dry so any damage can clearly be seen. This way a client and stylist can see what they are working with and discuss together what the best options are.

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It is trendy

Even though this is a non-traditional option and not all salons offer it, dry cuts are the in thing right now. Many celebrities love this new trend and there are hundreds of YouTube videos showing the amazing things that can be done without wet hair.

A great benefit to going dry is that the cut can be completely unique and tailored to the client, which is appealing to those wanting to stand out but still be trendy.

How to find the perfect salon?

Well you can stop looking because Plant Hair is the perfect salon for you! It is important to find a salon that specifically offers dry haircuts in Sydney CBD. As this is a non-traditional option, many shops do not offer this service. However, we do and our hairdressers pride themselves in their knowledge and professionalism in this area.

So come in and see us today! We also take bookings if you would prefer to speak to someone about our services before stepping into our salon. We offer greats cuts and also a friendly service, competitive prices, and an easy booking system to ensure your experience is as perfect as possible.

So, when seeking the perfect dry haircut Salon in Sydney, it is important to find somewhere that makes their clients look great but also feel extra special. This is exactly what we strive to achieve.

Is it for me?

At the end of the day, deciding if this type of cut is the best option is up to the individual. For those who enjoy the process of having their locks washed, having a head massage and then a blow-dry, may still wish to go for the traditional wet option, which is another service that we do provide.

Others may have received the same style from the same stylist for many years and are happy to keep things the way there are. Conversely, for those who struggle with their curls and waves, who are time-poor, who enjoy a quick salon experience, this is certainly the ideal choice for you.

People who want to try something new and who want a completely different and unique style will enjoy the process of dry styling and will find themselves coming back again and again.


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