The benefits of cutting your hair dry rather than wet

Many people believe that there’s a universal rule that their hair needs to be wet before it can be cut and styled. This is simply not true.

Dry cutting has become more and more popular in the last few years. It is now a trendy alternative to traditional wet haircuts and is preferred by many for several distinct reasons.

For many people with certain types of hair, dry cutting can improve both the look and the health of their hair. Let’s take a look at some of the best benefits of dry cutting your hair.

cutting hair dryGreat for curly and wavy hair

People with stubborn waves or ringlets will understand that that even the smallest alterations can have a huge effect on the final result, and it is much harder to tell where curls are going to end up when the hair is wet. Getting the stylist to cut the curls while they sit naturally allows them to easily see where they should be cutting without doing any guesswork.

Faster appointments

With most traditional haircuts, you will have noticed that after your hair has been dried the stylist will often go back over it again, making minor adjustments. If the stylist begins with your hair dry, you won’t waste as much time as they will be able to perform the haircut accurately right from the start. There are certain cases where we may need to shampoo your hair to see your hair in the most natural state (eg. If hair has been tied up for an extended period, has unusual kinks, or your hair has a lot of product in it).


hair salon cdbMore gentle on fragile hair

When your hair is wet, it is more elastic and fragile, which makes it more prone to snapping while it is being combed repeatedly by the stylist. With a dry haircut, you are going to lose far less hair from breakage while your haircut is taking place.

There won’t be as many surprises

Because your hair is more elastic when it’s wet, it looks a lot longer than it really is and this is very true for people with extremely curly hair. Cutting while dry allows the stylist to remove just the right amount of length and thickness while eliminating any shock factor as the look isn’t going to change.

With dry cuts, what you see is what you get. This gives peace of mind to people who are very protective of their hair.


It is more accurate

Dry cutting allows the stylist to observe the natural movement of your hair so that they can determine where most of the weight is and what needs to be trimmed. This makes dry cutting ideal for people with thin hair and it also enables you to identify split ends more easily.

It is more personalised

With traditional wet haircuts, you can expect the stylist to simply follow the formula they learnt in beauty school. However, a dry haircut means you’ll be getting a cut completely individualized to the way your hair sits naturally.

As you can see; there are plenty of great benefits to getting your hair cut dry rather than wet. If you’re interested in trying out a dry cut, come into our salon in Sydney and we will take care of you!


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