The 4 Key Characteristics Of A Sleek Hair Salon In Sydney

There are a number of hair salons in Sydney that offer luxury,

We offer more.

There have never been more options to choose from,

But not all are equal.

So, how do you define a sleek hair salon in Sydney?


For a city that is defined by image, elegance, and class – it stands to reason why so many of our clients come to us for a sophisticated and stylish experience. We’ve been in the business for long enough to know what elevates our hair salon in Sydney above the rest. There are a few key characteristics that we think contribute as foundational necessities for a worthwhile hair salon in Sydney.

This blog post will explore 4 of the most important, the most intrinsic, the most defining factors that make a hair salon in Sydney truly shine.

1) A Team With Passionate Professionalism

One of the oft-overlooked aspects in the beauty industry is the vitality that exudes from a team that is passionate about what they do, and professional in their approach to their work. Too often there are establishments that have workers who are simply there for the paycheck, and you can certainly tell. A passionate and inspiring team dynamic is not only healthy for any hair salon in Sydney, but it also contributes to a sense of accountability and trust with clients who come in.

At Planet Hair especially, we work with the idea that dedicated passion will go a long way in ensuring each and every client is cared for and are provided a service that is professional and warm simultaneously.

2) A Welcomingly Creative Atmosphere

We can only speak for ourselves here, but we are of the belief that creativity is at the heart of our industry. Every single person is a little different, they have different looks, styles, and desires – and it is the job of any sleek hair salon artist to accommodate each individual and craft a look for their client that is uniquely them.

Without a welcoming atmosphere that is perpetuated by a creative and artistic flair, there would certainly be an uphill battle for any establishment to have a reputation that is attractive for clients. The vibrance in the atmosphere should be observable from the very first step inside the hair salon in Sydney – there are too many competitors to not give 100% every time.



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3) Client-Focused Objectivity

It can be easy for a new hair salon in Sydney to be focused entirely on branding, having the latest and greatest equipment, or their supplier deals – but the client should always come first. A focus on service is an essential ingredient for building a client base that is loyal and happy to return.

This point in particular is one of our core values at Planet Hair. We love our clients and have always maintained a large degree of attention in making sure we never lose sight of the true focus of our work.

We’re always surprised to hear some of our new clients describe the disappointing experiences they’ve had in the past with other hair salons, which is a true shame. Even something as simple as listening intently to clients will tell a good artist all they need to in order to elevate a typical experience into a magical one.

4) A Clean & Beautiful Environment

The atmosphere stretches far beyond the attitude displayed by the team, the physical space should also have a sense of awe and relaxation in order to stand out above the rest. Cleanliness is directly linked to a sense of trust in an establishment. The aesthetic of a place will always have an impact on the overall client experience so bonus points will always go to the hair salons in Sydney that put in a little extra attention to their interior design.

This is also why each of us here at Planet Hair endeavour to ensure that (although we have a high amount of traffic) we are always spotless and alluring.

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Our team of stylists are ready and waiting to give you the experience you’ll never forget. Planet Hair exemplifies each of the characteristics above and so much more. We’re the hair salon in Sydney that more people trust, and we cannot wait to give you the ultimate experience.